Post YOUR fashion fantasy for a chance to win a handmade, tailor-made, energetic POWER necklace…

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My NEWburbian fashion vision materializing…

Here’s a little gem of a website I found by googling: “energetic bespoke couture”. The brand is Hunandi Bespoke Couture and they are from South Africa. I am just drooling over the beauty of their designs – imagining ┬ásomeone cutting these amazing fabrics and tailor making them just for me? So dreamy!

Read their beautiful description of what they do:

With having put intricately crafted garments on the backs of men and women across South Africa for just over a year, we are proud to welcome you to Hunadi. Hunadi is a signature clothing brand for the tasteful and discerning individual. We pride ourselves in our bold luxury fabrics, sourced from all corners of the world. Attention to detail and immaculate finishes come standard when you purchase a signature Hunadi piece. Our client sessions are intimate and professional, where we tailor make the garment of your dream. All Hunadi garments are produced on our very own shores by some of the the best trained tailors.


My NEWburbia fashion vision consists of bespoke fashion that is made locally or that has a wonderful adventure of a story behind it’s origins. In my NEWburbia, clothing will resonate peace, collaboration, fairness, abundance, support, beauty, and will be made just for me – my body, my lifestyle, my essence. So that when I wear clothing (which isn’t always my first choice) that it speaks volumes about who I am or more importantly what I am a stand for during the power that is the gift of my lifetime.

What is your NEWburbian fashion vision?


***Send me your answers in a comment and if I reach 200 comments by April 23rd I will randomly choose (names in a hat style) one of you to receive a one-of-kind bespoke energetic piece of jewelry made by my father and I. The retail cost will be equivalent to $1000.

Here are some examples of work me and my father have done together. The winner’s piece will be made just for them and will take into account the energetic power of the stones and the chest and favorite fashion neckline of the wearer. You’ll need to befriend me on facebook too so I can see some of your photos and get a feel for who you are and what you are out to create in this world. This necklace will act as your taliswoman.

It will take at least one month to design and create and winner will be responsible for shipping. Who ever I choose randomly will get a message from me and we can work out the details from there. So please share this post and maybe YOU’LL be the winner!




  1. Yes. What you have said here resonates with me so deeply. More and more I feel unable to wear clothes and jewelry that don’t do this for me. I would add that when I am dressing the way I truly want, it is a ritual of adornment, a sacrament to myself, to exquisite self care, and an offering of my truth and beauty to Spirit. The pieces I choose, both clothing and jewelry make me feel beautiful, empowered, free, wild, primal, loved, embraced, and like I am channeling goddess nature, and allowing her work and spirit to move through me. I have lately, more and more, been comitting to buying pieces that make me feel this way- be it jewelry, essential oil, clothing, salves, tinctures, stones, pieces that help balance whatever energy is moving through me, even if it means I have to save up for 6 months for one piece. Thank you for posting this. So timely, I have been feeling this so strongly. And what a generous offer. Love to you, my sister.

  2. I want , need, got to have it!!

    • Hi Yes I can imagine a beautiful clothing line. but to show off this jewelry it would have to be somewhat simple and I like the idea of something a little tribal and hand designed. wrapped and natural.

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