Rethinking Resources

As opposed to city dwellers, (who are less likely to own their own buildings and who share smaller plots of land with other tenets) suburban homeowners have a unique opportunity to rethink their private property. Solutions to finding clean energy sources, eating locally sourced food, pollution, being resource efficient and handling waste may actually be found in one’s own back and/or front yard. Even the mass amounts of traffic and exhaust pollution caused from millions of people driving to work every day could be cut down within a restaged suburbia.

Suburbanites have the opportunity to:

1. Enhance biodiversity

2. Process, through composting, biodegradable waste

3. Hold and collect water from roofs and sealed surfaces to be used for gardens and car washes

4. Reduce heat loss by increased use of climbing plants

5. Locate tree-belts to reduce the speed of the wind as it hits the house and, therefore, reduce energy consumption

6. Manage local surface water flows to reduce the local effects of “flash flooding” from the sealed surfaces and roofs

7. Create biodiversity “corridors” through housing areas linking a city’s more naturalistic open spaces