Vast Plan

Posted by on April 7, 2012 in Tread Lightly | 0 comments

This undertaking is not for the faint of heart. Our tiny plot of land dubbed NEWburbia is our universe. It began with the idea (or not-so-big bang) of a singular house, but now its boundaries are ever-expanding. Borne from the high ideals of a fearless few, our brave new world yearns to break the death-cycle of wasteful consumerism and establish re-purposing and ingenuity as the building blocks for our communities.

Sure, we’ll focus a lot on sustainable solutions, but our collective attention extends beyond the obvious. We’ll connect dots that transcend logistics and practicality, all for the sake of responsible stewardship. Green building practices are wonderful (and necessary to sustain our speck of a planet,) but if we’re to carve out a sustainable existence for future generations, we must create radical solutions which will in turn change societal norms.

Look for lots and lots of re-purposing. Our plan is to utilize existing materials for just about everything we do. We’ll borrow tried and true methods, while innovating as much as possible, all with an eye towards building self-reliant, sustainable communities.

Sound lofty? Great ideas often do. But it’s unwise to undertake a vast plan with half-vast ideas.

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